Company Management

Vitalii Matenco

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Co-owner, “Chief” operating officer since 2002. Over fourteen years in IT industry with nine years of project management experience. Diploma in automated information systems processing and control from Technical University of Moldova.

Elena Mascova

Director of Finance

Co-founder and co-owner, director of finance since 1997. Over twenty years of experience in creation and implementation of accounting information systems for businesses. Diploma in Automated Managerial Systems from Polytechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine. Master’s degree in Economics from Free International University of Moldova. Certified accounting practitioner (CAP-2008).

Serghei Ringaci

IT Director

IT Director Co-founder and co-owner, IT director since 1996. Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Moldova State University (Chisinau). More then fifteen years of managerial experience and more then twenty years of development of software solutions for businesses.

Alexandru Sclearuc

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager. Co-founder and co-owner, senior project manager since 1998. More then fifteen years of experience in the creation and deployment of enterprise level solutions for diverse companies and organizations.

Igor Sultan

Project Manager

Project Manager. I am fortunate to lead a talented group of folks who work together to apply our combined knowledge, expertise and battle scars to help NetInfo SRL in a busines of software development.