Customer Profile

Medical Center Medin is a biggest private medical center in Transnistria Autonomous Territorial Unit of the Republic of Moldova. The Medical center offers medical consulting services, and laboratory diagnostics services.

The center opened its doors at the beginning of 2013.

The center is equipped with modern medical equipment, including equipment for computed tomography, X-rays and other performance equipment


Major difficulty in implementation of medical information system in this center was location of it: it is located not in Chisinau, but in Tiraspol, 2 hours drive from Chisinau (including some additional time on check points).

The center was already working, when implementation started – so the Netinfo team has to align to already established processes to minimize inconvenience to the visitors of the medical center.



Collaboration between NetInfo team and system administrators of the center was established. The administrators took one week learning courses about Medical Information System, organized especially for them, which helped them to understand better the MIS.

To minimize inconvenience to the visitors of the medical center, several Sunday visits were organized to the center (the center does not work on Sundays). Medical equipment was connected to the system during this visits.