Jobless Registering System
Customer: National Agency for Employment of Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Republic of Moldova

Customer Profile

National Agency for Employment is a specialized body of central public services at the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova, authorized to carry out a policy strategy for the development of the labour market, social protection for those in search of work. The work of the National Agency is guided by the “Act on employment and social protection of persons in search of work” and other existing laws and international treaties in this field. The National Agency has in its subordinate employment agencies of district, municipal and republic levels.


Our challenge was to replace the old separate information systems on a single information system that provides data exchange between the Department and regional agencies. It was necessary to create an integrated information system for employment services, covering all levels of government:

  • the level of the individual employment agency;
  • the level of the city with the district division;
  • the level of the republic.

The integrated information system was designed to provide:

  • operation of a unified information system of the labor market
  • informing the public about the demand in the labor market
  • technological process of public servicing by the agencies, at all stages


As a solution of the problems with the state of the communication lines was the concept of a system with distributed databases. Each agency has its own territorial MySQL database server. Periodically data are exchanged between the central database and territorial agencies. The central database represents DBMS Oracle8i.



As a result, the customer, representing the Government, received a single system of registration of the unemployed citizens in the whole territory of the Republic of Moldova. With the help of the developed system, the National Agency for Employment exercises:

  • record-keeping and registration of the unemployed citizens
  • management of the given recommendations on finding work
  • calculation and recording of payments of various types of benefits
  • registration of vacant jobs
  • registration and forming groups for the retraining of unemployed citizens
  • registration of contracts with enterprises and training institutions for re-training.
  • formation of more than 100 types of various reports.