About us

NetInfo is a Software Development and IT service company, headquartered in Chisinau , Moldova. NetInfo delivers its services to organizations all over the world. It specializes in developing IT solutions for the Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Retail and other sectors. For over 15 years of our existence we at NetInfo SRL have been providing our clients with high quality services worldwide.




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Years of experience

Our mission

To become a leader on the Moldovan and European IT markets, buy providing superior customer service and innovative business solutions to our clients.
The objectives of NetInfo are:
✓ to become internationally recognized as a professional software supplier
✓ to create original solutions of great value
✓ to provide brand-new technology workplaces to talented people
✓ to achieve our vision generated from the ability to realize what others cannot
✓ to become a reliable and efficient partner for any NetInfo’s customer

The story behind our firm


We continue to work for you


We have completed more than 22 projects and continue to develop


We are first to entered the IT market of Moldova as a outsource company

Our strategies in our work



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Our Approach

Our deep industry knowledge coupled with our close partnerships with clients enable us to bring fresh perspectives and creative thinking to the problems we solve. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to continually discover better ways to address clients’ needs, ultimately effecting positive change for them, for their industries and for the world.


Project Initiation

Project initiation is where all the necessary analysis is undertaken to allow the project to be planned. Initiating a project usually involves a considerable amount of work, and therefore expenditure


Risk Management

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Cernica str. 3, 401, Chisinau 2001, Republic Of Moldova.

Redmond, WA


8201 164TH AVE NE, SUITE 200REDMOND, WA 98052