Medical information system “Dr.Eleks”

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October 02, 2021

Collaboration with Netinfo company

Collaboration with Netinfo company and the opportunity to leverage from medical information system “Dr. Eleks” in particular, allows Moldovan medical institutions to address COVID-19 issues in a more efficient way. In the face of challenging situation caused by the pandemic, hospitals and medical centers encounter a big number of pressing problems: limited number of testing kits, long queues in diagnostic facilities, long wait for doctor’s appointment, etc. Medical information system “Dr. Eleks” helps to avoid these problems to a great extent.

With the wide and rapid spreading of COVID-19, it is essential to give a helping hand to those around you. The company is pro-active in providing all psychological and technical support for the employees who transitioned to working remotely. Management of the company have made a tremendous effort to create secure and healthy environment for staff members which allows employees to fully carry out their day-to-day functions.

Netinfo company has implemented the Standard of safe operation, including sanitation and hygiene safety, with the aim of adequately counteracting the spread of new coronavirus infectious disease (CoVID-19). The standard provides guidelines for sanitary controls within the organization along with personal hygiene, access controls, arranging safe mealtime spaces for the personnel, disinfecting of premises, and supplying employees with the means of protection.