Company Mission

Our Mission

To become a leader on the Moldovan and European IT markets, buy providing superior customer service and innovative business solutions to our clients.

The objectives of NetInfo are:

to become internationally recognized as a professional software supplier

to create original solutions of great value

 to provide brand-new technology workplaces to talented people

to achieve our vision generated from the ability to realize what others cannot

to become a reliable and efficient partner for any NetInfo’s customer

Core Values

Values of the company are of the foremost importance to our staff and correspond to our way of thinking, living and behaving:

✓ customer’s trust

✓ teamwork, mutual respect and personal integrity

✓ quality and professionalism

✓ self-improvement

Keys to Success

Our unique services have successfully transformed NetInfo from a local software development company into an international IT services provider. Our keys of success are:

✓ dedicated teams

✓ efficient communication

✓ local presence and remote operations

✓ talented people

✓ appropriate processes, methodologies, and tools

✓ value superiority

✓ long-term relationships

✓ building customer loyalty