Services Overview

ITs Outs
NetInfo offers its clients a wide range of IT outsourcing services that cover the whole project life-cycle, including:

✓ consulting

✓ project/product design

✓ software development

✓ software testing

✓ deployment and maintenance

These services give our clients an opportunity to use Netinfo’s dedicated teams to extend their own pool of software developers, verification and validation engineers, and other IT specialists. Our expertise extends across a vast range of industries and business verticals that are both regional and global in scale. At NetInfo, we deliver professional and reliable solutions to our customers. With NetInfo, our clients can spare their own resources and be confident that our team of full-time IT professionals is just as committed to the project as their own team. Our customers can be assured that our quality control guidelines are applied throughout each phase of the project life-cycle, and our experienced management team personally oversees every stage of the project.

Remote Administration
Thus, outsourcing enables our clients to focus on their core business activities and gain added value from applying NetInfo technical expertise while reducing overall project costs. NetInfo’s remote administration service includes monitoring of system parameters, troubleshooting, performing software updates, running backups, and performing security monitoring. Right from providing unbiased, vendor-neutral advice and designing a roadmap for clients’ IT infrastructure needs, up to building and managing the infrastructure throughout its lifecycle, we provide a complete range of services:

✓ consulting on infrastructure planning and optimization, to meet specific customer needs

✓ setting up customized infrastructure solutions and integrating them with other client’s business processes

✓ infrastructure management services that include maintaining, servicing and upgrading infrastructure, to make sure it runs at optimum levels.

Outsourcing infrastructure management by NetInfo provides quick and significant benefits to our clients. These benefits include:

✓ high quality of services

✓ well-established processes for metrics capturing and reporting

✓ continuous improvement programs to apply best practices in IT infrastructure management

✓ cost optimization through remote management model

✓ resources for other complex and critical tasks